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Waltz Through Life

Waltz Through Life is dedicated to getting seniors dancing through ballroom socials and chair dance classes that are wheelchair friendly. My classes, socials and dance therapy are designed to get everyone dancing regardless of their limitations. Some people are sitting while they dance, some are standing, but everyone's rocking out together. 

I created a chair dance class for seniors that is ballroom inspired and wheelchair friendly. So many people think they can't dance anymore because of their physical limitations and it's just not true. Dancing is a state of mind and a spiritual experience that transcends the body!  





For individuals with advanced memory loss as a result of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, dancing to music (particularly music someone personally connects to) is healing on so many levels. Music simultaneously engages a broad network of brain regions allowing the memory-impaired to experience mini-awakenings. The melodies remind them of who they were, who they are and the dancing allows them to express themselves in a way that doesn't require words or reason. My dance hours offer people with dementia large doses of peace, clarity, laughter and joy.


                                  This man is not doubled-over. He is DANCING! 

To see my work up close, please enjoy this short documentary Waltzing Through Life. The seniors in this film will inspire you because despite the many challenges aging brings, these folks are still showing up to dance!

To learn more or book a class, call 323-559-0220 or email

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