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This short made by Mary Mathews highlights the work I do dancing with seniors and people living with dementia. 

My dance biz, Waltz Through Life, is dedicated to getting seniors dancing through ballroom socials and chair dance classes that are wheelchair friendly and designed to get everyone dancing regardless of their limitations. Some people are sitting while they dance, some are standing, but everyone is participating.Too many people think they can't dance anymore because of their physical or cognitive limitations and it's just not true. My goal, always, is to create a comfortable space for people to feel uninhibited so they can connect with the music, a partner, and most importantly, to themselves.   

Due to the pandemic and ongoing Covid restrictions my classes are now exclusively on Zoom. I also do in-home private lessons which are a form of physical therapy with music and dance. I collaborate with you or your loved one to come up with personal playlists.  


For individuals with advanced memory loss as a result of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, dancing to music is better than any medicine on Earth! Music simultaneously engages a broad network of brain regions allowing the memory-impaired to experience mini-awakenings. I often witness people who have lost all language start to sing along and know every word to the music playing. Sometimes singing lyrics is followed by thoughts clearly expressed about a memory or the present moment. Dancing and music are a way to pause the confusion and chaos that accompanies dementia, delivering memories, joy, peace and identity whether you are experiencing early stages or advanced stages of memory loss.

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