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What book?

After reading my blog and watching the short film by Mary Mathews Waltzing Through Life so many people encouraged me to write a book about my experience as a dance instructor for seniors in wheelchairs and folks in memory-care living with advanced dementia. It's a unique coming of age story where my senior students become the greatest teachers of my life. 


My book has representation with Janklow & Nesbit Associates and while the pandemic slowed a lot of new developments I'm still passionately pursuing this dream project.

Here's the short film Waltzing Through Life featuring the seniors who taught me it's never too late to change your life and it's definitely never too late to start dancing!



When Hollywood opened up last year before closing again, I had the privilege of working on The Morning Show for Apple TV. This is a great binge watch and a much anticipated Season 2 will premiere soon. Keep you posted on when I pop in to support this dream cast.


My new post-quarantine
dance-biz venture!

Without fail a new dance or revisiting an old dance has always been my saving grace when it's time to redirect my life path or just spiritually grow. This time... Argentine Tango! Many moons ago I spontaneously took a trip to Buenos Aires by myself to study the dance after a breakup, but when I came back to LA it took years for me to jump back in because I didn't know LA had such a vibrant, wonderful tango community. And now I've partnered with my friend, Lauren Woods, (Tango performer, teacher, national Champion) to bring Milonga Las Estrellas to the LA tango world. Our first milonga on July 16th was a big success (see photos at @milongalasestrellas ), but we'll be holding off on announcing our next date due to the Delta variants and public health concerns. Safety first! 

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